For immigration-related emergencies, call 734-355-2707. | Para emergencias relacionadas a inmigración, llame al 734-355-2707.

Get Your Washtenaw ID

An easy way to stand with the immigrant community is to get your Washtenaw County ID card.  The Washtenaw ID is a government issued photo-ID that is available for all County residents regardless of immigration status.  In Michigan, undocumented immigrants cannot obtain a state ID/drivers’ license, making it extremely difficult to do everyday tasks like picking up a prescription, getting a library card, or establishing residency in Washtenaw County.  The Washtenaw ID is helpful because unlike a state ID it does not require ID holders to provide proof of legal immigration status.

However, we cannot have an ID card that is used solely by marginalized communities and risk using the ID as an identifier of being undocumented.  This is why we need allies to also get and use their County ID to stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors.

Getting your County ID is easy! ID cards are obtained at the Office of the County Clerk (200 N. Main Street, Ann Arbor), Monday through Friday 8:30-4:00pm.

More information about how to get your ID is found here.



Click here more information about the Washtenaw County ID or how to get involved the Washtenaw ID Project.